Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Ours was fairly low key. Our plan was to "skip" it (no presents between Mike & I), until I heard this, and I had to do it. I named a hissing cockroach after Mike and the kids, and it was a hit (the littlest among us showed their gratitude by chewing on the certificate... a great honor). Now everyone wants to go to New York to visit their bug!

Mike put together a great dinner and dessert: heart-shaped pizzas and powdered sugar dusted blondies. YUM!

The dessert even came with our own personalized hearts made by Mike with messages on the back...

The kids are getting too old for full-blown Valentine's celebrations so they didn't hand out Valentine's cards at school, but PJ had a celebration at daycare and came home with some great swag...

Again, she showed her gratitude by chewing on each of her items.

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