Tuesday, September 7, 2010

11 months

Oh this girl. When I see this picture I'm reminded of a tree, with its age belied by the number of rings... well I can tell how old she's getting by the length of her hair: it's growing so fast! I've even had to learn how to do hair. She's getting into everything. She loves the lids from her baby food jars, biting onto them and crawling around making her stink face. She loves to empty out her toy box and climb into it. It's impossible for her not to empty out or tip over or somehow disrupt put away toys... we see her try; pausing before moving onto the next adventure, but she's always overcome with purpose, coming back to unstack the toy cups or whatever, then moving along to other things. She loves her daddy. "Da Da" is more often than not the first word out of her mouth upon waking. We think she's calling her sister "Na Na" and her brother "Ba Ba". Either that or "Tthhhbbbttt". She is so close to walking! She's been taking almost steps and walking along the perimeter of everything. My mom tells me I first walked on my birthday... we'll see if our girl takes after her mom next month!

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