Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water Baby

We've been taking swim classes, and our babe is definitely a water baby. She loves the water, especially if brother and sister are around, and doesn't really mind getting dunked. Mind you, she still comes up looking pretty surprised, but doesn't get upset.

Notice the pasty-ness of both and babe? Poor girl, she doesn't stand a chance at a tan...

We got her suit here, and it's supremely cute on her. We got the hat to match, but she's not too fond of it, I think it's a bit too big for her, and Miss Curious doesn't like an obstructed view.

Today was our last class, and this weekend is the last swim meet for big sis, but I have a feeling if it stays as hot as it's going to be this weekend throughout the rest of the summer, we'll be getting plenty of swim time. And that makes this little girl pretty happy.

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