Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 Months & 9 Months

Time is passing... faster than I thought it could. I look back on pictures of the girl, mere months ago, and so much has changed! She is crawling... no more military crawl/downward dog-inchworm style movement, but proper crawling. Not only that, she's pulling herself to standing on every surface possible. Chairs, walls, legs, you name it she's tried it. And successfully! This girl's curiosity and joy has just grown and grown. We have discovered that she loves water, Cheerios and sand. We're taking swim class, and she keeps dunking her face under water, coming up with a look of surprise, not fear or concern. She can pop Cheerios like a champ, oftentimes chipmunking them away in her cheeks until they dissolve, which makes her breath nearly always smell of Cheerios. Now the sand... I haven't seen it yet, she gets to play in it at daycare, but I hear stories of her running it through her hands again and again, and kicking her feet in it. I have seen the leftovers in her shoes when she comes home though... I think it's about time to she went to the beach...

Oh sweet girl... what shall we do next?

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