Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Food

When I first found out I was pregnant, my friend gave me the book Cooking for Baby. I perused through it, dreaming about all the wholesome, natural foods I would be making my baby. Then our babe started eating solids, and somehow I just didn't have the energy to even think about making food for her, so we went with store bought. After filling a drawer and several counters with glass baby jars, I said "enough!", and pulled the book out. And I'm so glad I did! The food is so much better (or at least it tastes better to me, more like "real food", because it is), and ridiculously easier than I thought it would be. Most of the foods in the book call for steaming the fruit/veggies, so I just pulled out my wok & bamboo steamer, chopped up a bunch of stuff, and voila! In a day I had 2 weeks worth of food!

In the photo from left to right is: zucchini, yellow nectarine, white nectarine, pear, white peaches, yellow peaches and plum. I have since made more pear, peas and green beans with mint. The babe has loved all that she's tried so far!

10 Months

Wow... 10 months is almost a year, and it seems like I'm writing these posts in faster and faster succession, she'll be there before we know it! Our girl is such a character... she is so curious, figures things out really fast (like opening and closing and opening drawers), and loves her brother and sister so so much. She gets so excited when they come into the room: a big smile spreads across her face, her feet start pumping back and forth and she starts chirping and hyperventilating. Like I said, excited. She's crawls her way over to people, pulls herself up on their legs and starts chatting to them. Adorable. She used her highchair as a walker the other day, slowly but confidently walking her way across the kitchen floor. She started clapping yesterday, and I could hear her doing it in the back seat in the car on the way home. Made me grin from ear to ear. Oh yeah, and she has 2 teeth now! She looks so much older with them, and a bit more like her cousin. Every month when I sit down and reflect on our life with the girl, I think to myself, "right now is my favorite time so far", and this month is no different. Life with our dear girl just gets better and better!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water Baby

We've been taking swim classes, and our babe is definitely a water baby. She loves the water, especially if brother and sister are around, and doesn't really mind getting dunked. Mind you, she still comes up looking pretty surprised, but doesn't get upset.

Notice the pasty-ness of both and babe? Poor girl, she doesn't stand a chance at a tan...

We got her suit here, and it's supremely cute on her. We got the hat to match, but she's not too fond of it, I think it's a bit too big for her, and Miss Curious doesn't like an obstructed view.

Today was our last class, and this weekend is the last swim meet for big sis, but I have a feeling if it stays as hot as it's going to be this weekend throughout the rest of the summer, we'll be getting plenty of swim time. And that makes this little girl pretty happy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 Months & 9 Months

Time is passing... faster than I thought it could. I look back on pictures of the girl, mere months ago, and so much has changed! She is crawling... no more military crawl/downward dog-inchworm style movement, but proper crawling. Not only that, she's pulling herself to standing on every surface possible. Chairs, walls, legs, you name it she's tried it. And successfully! This girl's curiosity and joy has just grown and grown. We have discovered that she loves water, Cheerios and sand. We're taking swim class, and she keeps dunking her face under water, coming up with a look of surprise, not fear or concern. She can pop Cheerios like a champ, oftentimes chipmunking them away in her cheeks until they dissolve, which makes her breath nearly always smell of Cheerios. Now the sand... I haven't seen it yet, she gets to play in it at daycare, but I hear stories of her running it through her hands again and again, and kicking her feet in it. I have seen the leftovers in her shoes when she comes home though... I think it's about time to she went to the beach...

Oh sweet girl... what shall we do next?