Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dylan's Birthday... and craftiness!

My nephew is a year old! I just can't believe it... and if Dylan's turning one, that means that PJ's going to turn one soon, and that is just crazy...

There was a party for the little man today, and it was very cool. My sister had a friend make a monkey cake with a special banana cake just for the birthday boy. It was hilarious how neat and tidy he was about eating his cake... we all were expecting a big mushy mess, but the only mess that was made was made by his parents in an effort to get him excited.

So for the big birthday boy I made a cloth book filled with his favorite things, and a ball, which I also took the liberty of putting in his book, because who wouldn't like a squishy ball made with love by your auntie?


  1. I remember my daughters first birthday. There is a picture in my mind for there sitting in her cloth diaper with cake all over her. I can't believe that she is going to be four very soon. If anybody is looking for cloth diapers go to they have great prices and free shipping.

  2. Thanks for using my tutorial! Your book looks so great, and I love the designs you put in it. Very cute and very personal. :)

  3. Your book is adorable! Great job!