Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day!

There was a lot of baking for St. Patrick's Day for a work party. Whew... I'm tired just thinking about it. We made Pistachio Pudding Cookies, Brown Butter Blondies (from Martha's Cookie Cookbook), Mint Oreo Truffles, and Rainbow Cupcakes. I made the Pistachio Pudding cookies just because they were green, but they were surprisingly very good. Blondies are always good, as are Martha's cookie recipes, so the Brown Butter Blondies were delicious.

I've been dying to make something from Bakerella, and her truffles didn't disappoint. I've got to say, for looking so fancy, they were pretty easy to make, just a bit time consuming. They were the most popular at the party, and I received several requests for the recipe.

My favorite were the Rainbow Cupcakes, because they were just so darned cute! After scouring the city for the right color Airheads, and a failed attempt to substitute regular taffy, Mike hit on the genius idea of using chewing gum to make the rainbows. I put several photos of his rainbow-making process on flickr.

Basically, he stacked gum moistened with water, cut the stack in three strips lengthwise, curved the strip into a rainbow shape, then trimmed the edges with a knife. Voila! A rainbow!

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