Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 Months

This is the month of the raspberry... she loves them and thinks they're hilarious. And so do we. She's making all kinds of other noises as well, trying them out, seeing how they feel. In fact, she said her first word yesterday: "Mom", followed quickly by what sounded like "Dad" to my unprepared and overjoyed ears. Amazing. She's rolling around all over the place. In her crib, she is never in the same place in the mornings that I put her the night before, and more often than not is completely perpendicular, or like this morning, a complete 180 degrees different. She is grabbing at everything... Daddy's beard, placemats at the table, her shoes, anyone's fingers... and they go straight into her mouth. She watches you intently anytime you eat or drink, and sometimes she moves her mouth like she's chewing right along with you. Her brother can make her laugh like no other. She watches her sister, studying her every move. She's learning everyone's names, and when you say them she looks around until she finds them. Then smiles. She smiles a lot. She gets really excited when Daddy comes home from work, and when we're walking up to daycare. Everyone knows her name in daycare, even the older kids, and they all say "goodbye" when we're leaving. It's the cutest thing. She's grown out of the hammock part of the baby bath, and can sit up during bathtime and loves it. She doesn't even mind when water gets in her eyes. I can't wait to take her to the pool when her sister has swim meets this summer. I'm already looking at swim suits. I want this one... She has so much hair, and it's forming into huge curls that stick up off the top of her head. Mike had a dream that after she fell asleep, we tucked her in for the night by hanging her up in the closet by her curl.

Oh my... how did I get so lucky?

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