Friday, December 25, 2009

Post Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We did Christmas a day early so that we could celebrate with Ali & Devin (Santa even made a special early delivery), so today Mike, Phoebe and I lounged, played games, read and didn't get out of our pjs. It was lovely.
Our Christmas was a marvelous success! I ended up with a wonderful set of cast iron cookware and nearly every Nigella Lawson cookbook there is, as well as Really, REALLY Fudgey Brownies and Scottish Shortbread, with the cookbooks to go with the recipes, plus so much more! The kids got many things from their wish lists, and a couple things not on their lists that were a big hit. I made Mike a book wallet and a monogrammed card holder (which I will get pictures of later).

The Christmas knitting was mildly successful. Mike's hat was perfect. The hats for the kids were ok... they have bigger heads than I thought! They've both grown into adult sized hats all of a sudden. Ali's hat looks pretty good on her, but kind of creeps up a bit, and Devin's hat doesn't get very far down his noggin... it makes him look like a fisherman.

Ah well, at least they humored me for a picture... Phoebe didn't get a Christmas hat since she got so many of them when she was born, but she will definitely be getting one next year. I really like this tradition.

The pj's were more of a definitive success. The pants fit everyone so well! It really helped that I measured them against pants that I knew fit them as I was cutting out and sewing them together, which curbed my tendency to make things roomier, just in case.

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