Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Nursery

Finished just in time!

Though the word "finished" is being used loosely because the crib still doesn't have a skirt (but it is cut out and in my sewing room), and the quilt I made is still waiting to be quilted. The quilt on the crib now is a gorgeous one my Aunt Terry made for Phoebe. But Mike got the trees painted on the walls the day before she was born. It's like she was waiting for that to happen before she came. "Nope, I cannot be in an undecorated room... I shall wait."

The art on the wall is all from Etsy. From left to right: Sharon Montrose, The Black Apple, Berkley Illustration, & Belle and Boo.

There is another smaller tree by the cradle that my dad made when I was a baby. He apparently designed it from these dishes. The story goes that when he was making it, he wanted to see what I (as a baby) was going to see, so got into the cradle, and got stuck. Now, I'm not sure whether he got stuck first, or fell asleep first, but thank goodness a photo was taken...

It has always made me smile to look at this picture and imagine my pregnant mother trying to hoist my father out of the baby cradle.


  1. Oh, the room is GORGEOUS! I love the trees and the soothing colors of the room. And that cradle is amazing - what a piece to cherish.

  2. The nursery looks so sweet. That cradle is beautiful and I love that your photo of your Dad.

  3. I love the nursery. It is so elegantly simple. The cradle is beautiful as well. How lucky you are to have such a treasure.