Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby Shower Catch-up

Checking another item off my Catch Up post...

My sister decided on a train theme for her new baby's nursery since they live right down the road from a train museum, and hear the old steam trains puffing along all through the summer. So for the invites for her shower, Mike and I collaborated and came up with a little card on brown cardstock with a little hint of a train.

For the bedding I tracked down some old timey train fabric, and made a simple fitted sheet (using this fabulous tutorial) and skirt to match. Now I left the quilt to the last minute, so when I finally sat down to design it, simplicity was key. I decided to use as much whole cloth as possible, so this is what I came up with. I used the train fabric for the bottom, the blue and white stripe is a seersucker I got from Mood when we were in NYC, and the top is linen and felt for the appliqued train. I'm actually quite proud of the train, because I drew it myself, and it came out pretty much exactly as it was in my head which, with my paltry drawing skills, never happens

So technically, the bedding wasn't the shower gift, so I decided to make a diaper bag. I made the Modern Diaper Bag from Little Stitches.

And the inside view...

Ok, so this bag is HUGE. Ridiculously huge. Like you could fit the baby in here, along with all of his stuff. And it will totally stand up on its own with all the layers upon layers of interfacing. It is definitely a sturdy bag. But my sister uses it, and that makes up for all the swearing I did trying to get the sewing machine to growl over the thick seams when I was topstitching.

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