Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ali's Designs

Ali is becoming a prolific fashion designer. She's very organized about it, creating seasonal lines and keeping them all in books she makes herself.

I was once myself a prolific fashion designer (my mode of organization being clipboards filled to the brim with designs), and a current sewing/fabric-aholic, so I've been very excited to encourage her. So when we were planning our trip to New York, we decided we had to visit the Fashion District. For Ali. And, well, maybe just a little bit for me.

We took her to the Museum at the Fashion Institute, where she took photos and sketched her favorite designs.

And then went to check out some fabric stores, like real NY designers.

Luckily we were prepared with a project at the fabric stores (or at least Ali was), because it can get easily overwhelming being face-to-face with all that fabric. On the plane on the way over, Ali designed a skirt she wanted to make (though by the date in the photo below, I think this may not have been the original drawing)...

...carefully picked out the fabrics, and then made it when we got home. All by herself (with just a bit of guidance from me).

And it fits. And she loves it. I couldn't be a prouder step-mom... :o)

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