Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dylan Jackson

I have a nephew!! He came two weeks early, and is absolutely perfect in all ways...

Seeing my younger sister as an adept mother is so strange, and yet so fitting. She seems so natural, like she's been doing it forever. The peace and calmness (and happiness!) that radiate from her when she's around her new son are intoxicating.

What's also strange and wonderful is seeing my parents as grandparents! Watching my dad look over the baby with both surprise and familiarity is really wonderful.

Oh, and those toes!! I can't get over how cute!!
Before we went to visit, I whipped together several pairs of pants for Dylan from Amy Butler's book Little Stitches. The pattern was so easy, I was able to complete 3 pairs in an evening, from tracing the pattern to hemming.
I can't wait to visit them again this weekend!

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