Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Mini Tree

When Mike and I first moved in together we lived in an apartment, and so when Christmas came around we went and found a mini potted tree to put on our coffee table because that's all we had room for. Every year, we would look forward to getting our mini tree and stringing lights on it, putting our construction paper star and homemade ornaments on it (often times so many that the tree kind of disappeared), and waiting for Santa to put presents around it. Then after Christmas was over, the tree would be taken to my parents and planted, to continue to remind us of our happy holiday.

Well this year, in our new house, with all it's spaciousness, we got a big tree. The biggest any of us have ever had. We got a bunch more ornaments and lights, a real star for the top, and anticipated Santa actually putting presents under the tree.

But, it just wouldn't be Christmas without our mini tree.


  1. This post made me smile lots - I love family traditions - this one is a very cute one!

  2. Kaylie loves her butterlies. I know because it was very important for her to show me and tell me who them came from.