Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mario, Luigi and The Pirate

This year's Halloween costumes turned out so great. Ali's costume came together surprisingly well. I made the shirt from this pattern, the belt from this one, and Ali made the pants. That's right, she sewed them herself! This was her first real sewing project, and she did so well. The slippery Halloween-y fabric was pretty hard to work with, but she totally conquered it. I couldn't have been prouder, and more excited to have a sewing buddy!

As for Mario and Luigi, Mike put together some awesome costumes for he and Devin. Fortuitous thrift store finds, several marathon overall-finding trips around town, and some homemade felt mustaches made for fantastic costumes.

Even though I swore I would never dress up our puppies, I broke my promise and made them costumes... Maggie the Pirate, and Olive the (squirmy) Mushroom.

Now just don't let me buy this book...


  1. I have to say, I'm never a fan of dressing up animals, but your dogs look unbelievably cute in the costumes you made for them (not to mention how great the rest of your family looks).
    Congratulations to your sister!