Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fuzzy Croc Weather

My favorite time of the year...

The holiday season is upon us, and thus a ton of crafting is being done with nothing to show on this here blog (for now) for fear of ruining the surprise. I can show something I made for Ali and Devin, because I'm pretty sure they don't read this blog...

A button hat for Ali, and a Thorpe hat for Devin. I hope they like them, they were a blast to make. One hint for my holiday crafting is that Ravelry is awesome, and we have some pretty great yarn shops in the Sacramento area. My (nearly weekly) lunchtime stop has been Rumpelstiltskin, and through KnitMap I found two fantastic shops in Elk Grove (which is a bit of a drive from my house, but conveniently located on my way home from my parents' house, and totally worth the drive anyway), The Yarn Shoppe and Knitique (whose website doesn't seem to be working, but the shop is excellent!).

I went to the Mariposa Craft Fair, and besides having a great time with my parents and stocking up on homemade jam, it was a bit of a bust. I think it'll be my last year selling, though I'll still go for the jam (it's sooo good). My mom didn't even sell that much, and look at her totally awesome wares:

She made beaded bookmarks and bracelets, and then made those fantastic cards for them to go on. The cards in the second picture are empty because as soon as I brought them home they were snapped up and put to good use (as you can see in the first picture).

Now back to knitting!

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