Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craft Room

Well part of it... I'm cutting fabric for quilts Ali's class is making (now that's a school project I can get behind!), which forced me to find my rotary cutter, mat and ruler (well, I didn't find that - I had to buy a new one), and then find a space to put all those things and actually get something done.

Mike also found the missing foot pedal to my sewing machine, so there are no more excuses for finishing up the curtains in Ali's room either. (The fabric is actually blue, which you probably can't discern from the crumby, but unavoidable, nighttime picture)

And you can see my new project in the background of the first photo... artsy-crafty babe's new pattern! As soon as I saw it I bought it, along with some fabrics from Sew Mama Sew, and hopefully I'll be able to start on it soon.

Oh yeah, along with the things I should sell for the Mariposa Craft Fair in November. Early November. Hmm...

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