Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh hi.

And now for some catching up...

Mike and I had our wedding celebration at my parents' house, which was wonderful. It was very low-key, which is exactly what we wanted. Just family and food, my favorite things. My mom and aunt, in their awesomeness, had a yummy project for the kids to do - cupcake decorating (which of course Mike had to try as well). My dad even had a project for A&D: picking up pine cones. Sounds fun, right? Well it was a surprising hit!

A good friend of mine got married in Madison, and so we made a quick trip to Chicago and Wisconsin. We went to the top of the Sears Tower, saw Sue, watched the rabidly adored home team lose to our home team, and survived our first crazy Midwestern thunderstorm. And in Wisconsin, well, it really was all about the cheese, and maybe some ice cream (strawberry with pop rocks in the photo above). Oh yeah, and the wedding of course!

We also did some swimming, some picking, and some crafting.

And the shopping... I've done a fair amount of shopping since I last posted. I bought my first Storybook necklace from Mood Swing Studio. Taking advantage of their $10 sales a while back, I got several Threadless shirts for Ali, Devin, Mike and I. And I added some completely gorgeous silver jewelry to my collection.

Last but not least, (and probably the biggest reason I've been so absent round these blog parts) we bought a house! And I'm going to have a sewing room, once the hundreds of boxes of fabric are unpacked (I'm only just slightly exaggerating - it's a little ridiculous)! Unfortunately, there are (lots of) ants, but I'm hoping that the recipe that won this contest might help out a bit.


  1. Oh... hi to you, too! My gosh you've been busy. No wonder we haven't seen you 'round these parts much. Congratulations on the new house - I can't wait to see photos of the sewing room!

  2. Loving the house! Missing the P Dot!

  3. She's Ahhhlive!!! Sounds like you've been really busy. Congrats on the house!