Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mrs. Ambrose

The wedding was lovely. (Besides being 100 degrees, which gave everyone a happy glow.) Jessica was gorgeous, my parents looked great (my dad even wore a tie), and my own little family was very dapper all dressed up.

As for my crafty contribution to the event, procrastination payed off and about a week before the wedding my sister decided she didn't want the veil/scarf that I was supposed to bead (but hadn't started), so I had time to make Ali a skirt, and Mike and Devin ties. For the ties, I used this pattern, with great success. Who knew making a tie was so easy (and the pattern so crazy big)! Mike shrank down the pattern for Devin's, and I sewed an earring clip onto it to make a clip-on version.

Congratulations, Jessica & Brian! Welcome to the family Brian and Kayli!


  1. glad to hear that procrastination paid off in your case. don't you just love it when that happens? ;0)

  2. looks like a good time! I love Ali's outfit!

  3. Loved everything you made. You and your sister are the two most beautiful people I know.

    LU - M

  4. Yay for procrastination paying off! You do have one beautiful family that keeps growing with these lovely weddings.

  5. I am the world's biggest procrastinator... To hear your story of how it paid off just added fuel to my fire!

    It's been fun visiting. I've enjoyed checking out all of your beautiful work (and your family is beautiful!).

    I wish I had time to sew.... ((sigh))