Thursday, May 1, 2008

How did it get to be May already?

My sister Jessica is getting married in three weeks, and I've so much still to do... Though I've been slacking on blogging, I've been super busy with projects. I made bags for my sister's bachelorette party, various birthday bags for both Ali's and my friends, a dress for Jessica's soon-to-be-step-daughter, and I'm nearly finished with my mom's outfit (just need to hem the skirt). I finally got a decent pic of Kayli's dress, but the rest are rather unphotogenic, unfortunately.

Despite the bad pics, I'm rather happy with my mom's outfit. The pattern was simple, and the fabric was just challenging enough: a little stretchy and a little slippery, but not too much. I lined the top with the lovely lavender fabric from Britex, and did matching fabric covered buttons for the back. For the skirt, I didn't have enough fabric to line it, so I did Hong Kong seam finishes on all the seams.

For the bags I used a pattern from this book. It was a piece of cake to put together, and I got to use some of the massive amounts of wool I got from the Riki sale, and I even broke into some of my "good" cottons for the linings. Inside the bags I put ridiculously translated Japanese stationary sets, romance novel magnets, a cup for party drinks, a vial with a hangover cure (two ibuprofen and a vitamin B-12), and various other things. (please disregard the horrible state of our carpets... we've been busy...)

Kayli's dress was an ordeal. Not because of the pattern, it was a breeze to put together, and I just love the big pleats. It was the fabric. I had the bodice with sleeves and lining put together, and I went to press the skirt front to start on the pleats, and there right smack in the middle was a big knot in the fabric. A knot that the color had been printed over, so when I tried to take it off, it left a big white dot on the teal fabric. Ugg... well after an unsuccessful trip by my lovely husband to the local Beverly's and a trip to Modesto, I got more fabric and got the skirt sorted. Then I struggled with a lapped zipper, reverted back to my good ol' center zipper, and whew! I'm done. There are some detail pics here.

Now, I just need to make myself a shrug to cover up the massive amount of cleavage my dress for the wedding bears, and bead Jessica's veil/scarf. Piece of cake, right?


  1. you are a fantastic sister - so generous with your time and talents! Everything looks great - I especially love the bags!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed!! Everything looks wonderful.

  3. My goodness, woman! You're a machine!!! I can't believe how much you're making for this wedding - truly a fabulous sister you are. I hope you get to that shrug. :)

  4. Hey, if you want, you can just borrow my puny boobs for the wedding. I'm not using them.