Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Greenery Hat

I finished the Greenery Hat that I started before our trip. It was so much fun to knit! I just love the way the cables twist and turn. This was only my second project with cables, and it turned out pretty well.
The only thing is that it's a bit too small. I've left the hat on the styrofoam head in hopes of stretching it out, to no avail so far. I'm a bit afraid that because it's cabled, it won't stretch much. Does anyone know of a way (if there is one) of loosening up a cabled hat?


  1. it's very cute! and I have no idea how to loosen it up. sorry.

  2. That is so beautiful! I hope it stretches but if not, there's always etsy!


  3. this is such a cute hat! The cables are so interesting and unusual. Not sure how to stretch it out, but maybe you have a friend with a smaller head who would enjoy it...

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