Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's official...

I'm a knitter. After buying a couple skeins (right? Is that what they're called?) of super soft alpaca yarn at the Old Sugar Mill (of all places), I looked up a pattern I've been wanting to try, and I already had all the tools. The right sized needles, both circular AND double pointed, AND the cable needle, AND the stitch markers. So far I'm about 2.5" into the 3" ribbed brim, and the yarn is so nice to work with. I was hoping to have it done in time for our trip, but I think I have enough on my plate with packing and getting over this nasty cold and all, so I won't push myself too hard. But we'll see...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Little Fish Shop

When I was home with the kids for lunch when they were out sick and I heard those two dreaded words, "I'm bored", I remembered this post, and I quickly printed out the makings for a bedroom (Ali), bathroom (Devin) and a fish shop (me) from here. We all started cutting, and Ali kept teasing me about how excited I was about it all. "You're just like a kid", she kept saying. A tiny shop with tiny boxes to put the tiny fish in? Hell yeah, I was excited! "Why didn't they have these when I was a kid?", I kept asking myself. So you can imagine, after a couple of days, I was beside myself with excitement about my completed shop.

Thank goodness I got these pictures because after our annual apartment inspection and a cleaning of our chimney today, I came home and the shop was on the ground, smooshed and torn. Apparently someone (it's a mystery as to whom) knocked it over and then, as far as I can tell, stepped on it. Repeatedly. I can't bear to post pics of what it looks like now. What makes me so mad is that no one will admit to have done it. I mean, if you step on a small fish shop, you notice right? Why not leave a note, say you're sorry? Accidents happen. But to have them deny it when I KNOW they did it... that is just despicable.

Worst Blogger Ever Award

Is there one of those? Because I would totally win it. I had a drawing in July (!) which the ever-so-nice-and-talented Amandajean won, and here I am in February of the following year (!) getting around to her prize. Sorry Amandajean, I hope you like it!

Made with cotton and linen from a pattern in this book.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bride to Be

That phrase doesn't seem to fit me, but I've heard it a lot lately. Our wedding is in less than 2 weeks (yay!!), but I still don't feel like a "bride". Maybe it's because we're getting married in a registrar's office overseas, and I'm wearing a cable-knit cardigan and slacks. But, I am sticking (accidentally, to be honest) to the tradition of Old, Borrowed and Blue by wearing my great-grandmother's necklace.

Even though I'm not very bride-y, I have wonderful friends both at work and otherwise that threw me both a wedding shower and bachelorette party. The shower was at work, and it was so very nice, Mike and I were very touched. Among our very kind gifts were a hand-crocheted blanket and JoAnn's & Michael's gift cards! I guess we are officially The Crafty People.

The bachelorette party was a veil-and-phallus-free winery crawl through Clarksburg. We stopped at a couple wineries on the way to the Old Sugar Mill, which is, unsurprisingly, an old sugar mill that houses 5 tasting rooms. After purchasing the best zin I have ever had to go with our lunch of cheese, crackers and fruit, we laughed and tasted our way through the whole building. I had no idea that there were such fabulous wines so close to Sacramento! For all you locals, they're having a Port and Chocolate event this coming weekend, and if you like either of those things, I highly reccomend going.

I just love this (appropriately) blurry photo of us all... Thank you so much ladies! I had SO MUCH FUN!!