Sunday, January 20, 2008

The son he never had...

Raising two girls must have been tough. But now my dad has a "son" to show the woodworking ropes. Over the holidays Mike and my dad went to the shop and made screens for silk screening. My dad, who just retired, had fun making something small and simple, and Mike had fun using all my dad's cool toys.

It was interesting to see that woodworking isn't all that different than sewing. Large pieces of wood getting cut into smaller pieces of wood, then put back together in a different way. I saw many similarities, from the edge-gluer/bias-tape-making-tool-looking thing (sorry dad, I butchered that one)...

To the chop saw/rotary cutter...

To the crazy stash my dad has (now I don't feel so bad about mine...)

And my mom showed off her skills, wielding the blow torch for a morning dessert.

I've got to say, I'm pretty lucky to have such cool parents.


  1. HOLY FLIPPIN' SMOKES! Those silkscreen frames make ours look so ghetto! Those are like works of art! I am officially jealous![in the nicest way possible] :)

  2. Wow - you come from a line of crazy, er I mean crafty, people!

  3. Wow! You DO have cool parents -- Creme Brulee in the morning is more than cool LOL!!!

  4. wow...your dad's workshop looks like a very very fun space. wow.