Saturday, January 19, 2008


Reading about the Ugly Sale reminded me that I never posted about the wonderful Ugly that I received. It is too cute, and inspired this early morning request...

Which was happily obliged and became this...

Not to be left out, this was then devised...

And then just as happily created...

Pretty soon, Mike is going to surpass me in sewing skills!


  1. No way! Those are so cutie! Congrats to Mike for being the best dad in the universe! (And to you for being the one to own Mike - hee hee!)

  2. those are so so cute! way to go Mike! I need to have my kids draw something and make them into softies. they would love it.

  3. These are really cute! I'm impressed!

  4. I'm waaaay behind in my blog reading, but had to stop and comment on these 'cause they are so darn cute. And after seeing the posts about Mike and your dad making silk screens and your aunt's new etsy shop, I'd say that you do, in fact, have the craftiest family ever!