Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feeling overdue

I'm so behind. I don't have particular deadlines I'm behind on, I just feel behind. Like, I'm not even done posting Christmas gift projects. But, after reading several of your lists of resolutions/plans, I wanted to put together a list of things too. You know, before July.

So in 2008, I would like to...

Start using my bento for lunches. Mike and I got a couple at Daiso quite a while ago and still haven't used them. I've found a couple sites with great tips on bento, and we may need to head to the city for some supplies. I may even start using them for the kids. They would love this. This would also mean that I would need to make lunch bags for Mike, the kids and I, which just might warrant the purchase of another craft book.

Silk screen like crazy. Mike got silk screening supplies from me for Christmas, and my dad helped us make a bunch of screens (which I need to post about - it was so much fun), we just need to start using them!

Organize my crafting closet. Anyone seen Mary Ann's avalanche? Well I have a whole closet like that, and I'm tired of it.

Re-cover my ironing board. There are two lovely tutorials on the subject, I just need to pick out the fabric.

Make a scrappy quilt to keep. I have way too many scraps. And now that I've learned to quilt in sections, I'm not afraid of making big quilts, and I think our bed needs a little something. I would love to have something handmade in the living room to snuggle under as well.

Make a purse with a metal frame. U-handblog has a great tutorial on how to do it, and this craft book has some lovely ideas. I just need to get over my fear of gluing fabric.

Knit the kids (and possible everyone I know) some hats. I made Mike a hat for Christmas and loved it. For me hats are a quick, yet challenging enough to be interesting knitting project. This style got the OK from Devin, the yarn is picked out, so I may just start on this one this weekend.

Make more clothes. It will be challenging because my body type requires lots of pattern alterations, but I would love to have well-fitting clothes. Specifically, I would like to try out some of the these patterns that have been collecting dust.

Start working on Christmas presents now! I (really this time) want this year to be different - no more stressful holidays!


  1. I should do a list like this. I soooo need to cover my ironing board - thanks for the links.

  2. good luck with your list. it's nice to have it written down, isn't it?