Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Craft distraction

When the kids should have been brushing their teeth, I was having them pick out fabrics for bags for their new iPod shuffles. They can't go back to their mom's without cozy iPods, right? And sorry about the severely photoshopped pics, but it's nighttime...

My favorite thing about these is that they are entirely designed by them, and they're so different! Usually Devin follows Ali's lead, but this time he had definite ideas about how he wanted his bag to be, including gnome placement and accessory flap. If I were to do this again I would try to fussy-cut the fish on the front of Devin's bag a bit, but we were working with scraps so that was the best I could do.


  1. Very cute Sarah! I was just thinking about making an IPOD cover myself. And your quilts from the last post are just beautiful -- great work!

  2. They are just great! I love the material...

  3. That's awesome! It's cool how, as a sewer, you can make something so stylish and unique and with the functional features it needs. Those tiny ipods are so cute--they deserve a tiny cute case!