Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My cheating heart...

If this weren't a handmade holiday, this is what my wish list would look like...

A Print Gocco.

Threadless tees. This one might be helpful for our trip to France.

A Sigg bottle. Maybe this one.

Some yummy wine.

Cozy sweaters.

Cozy crocs.

The perfect tall boots. Maybe something like this.

And books, books, books. These kind of count, since they're crafty and all. Which would mean that the Gocco might count too... hmm... actually, it was kind of hard to come up with more non-crafty wish list items. It seems that we're full-on crafty folk now. So I can't resist, here's some more of my crafty favorites...

Very cool recycled cuff with skeleton key.

Lovely Green Jay print.

Loopy mittens.

Yarn stock with benefits.

Rose print.

Gorgeous waterlily necklace.

Bird Nerd prints, especially Strawberry Jam Sakura and Grumpy Kinglet.

Wonderfully nobby necklace.

Bird with a quiff print.

Birdy Breakfast set.

Mini mirrors. And they're on sale!

Such cute illustrations at Nut and Bee.

Ah, so much great stuff! Good luck to all with your crafty christmases!


  1. My wish list would take up all my server space. Sigh.

  2. Good for you for keeping it real on the wish list front!
    I want a print gocco, too!