Sunday, October 14, 2007

Parade Success

The Handmade Parade was great! Here's my table...

Mike whipped up a last-minute headband stand for me from a hanger and wood from the junk pile at the SPCA thrift store. It worked perfectly and got quite a few comments.
And of course I came home with stuff!
Mike and I both fell in love with Lauren's awesome creations...
A scarf by Melissa (more pics here) and a Nice notebook by Claire...

These very cute earrings made by Kelly...
A resin necklace with a photograph she took at a beach in Oregon made by Antoinette of Creatress...
And that's not all I came home with, but presents are involved, so I'll have to post about them later.
There were a number of demos going on, and Mike came up with this at Jenn's foam printing demo...

After the show, we were heading to dinner in midtown and came across a fellow crafter selling her wares, which were fantastic! I'm so glad we got to meet both her and her husband.

Ah, it was fun, but I'm so glad to be done!! Now I can sit and read a book (or whatever!) and not feel guilty that I'm not at my sewing machine making something for the show. Today's plan: Nothing. Let's see if I stick with it. Oddly enough, my sewing machine is calling to me...


  1. yay, sarah! glad it went well. looks like so much fun! (and i love the headband holder - so clever!)

  2. My sewing machine is always calling to me when I should be doing nothing, or cleaning, or cooking, or anything else! I'm so glad you had such a great time! Enjoy your day!

  3. Love the headband holder, that is fantastic! Looks like you had a ton of fun. -kb

  4. I'm so glad that things went so well for you. Ah, the dangers of having a booth at a craft fair - going home with more than you came with!

  5. You are a crafter's best friend. You got really cool stuff and your table looks terrific. Yeh, Mike, again.

  6. Terrific table! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I love the title of that show - the Handmade Parade - sounds great!! Everything there looks amazing!

  8. glad to hear that the handmade parade went well. enjoy your pressure free crafting time.

  9. Great looking table filled with adorable goodies. Your work is really nice.