Friday, September 14, 2007

New haircut

Whataya think?

Don't you just love the long-arm shot in the bathroom? I'm very happy with the new cut, I was starting to look like the cowardly lion. I was gutted when I tried to track down my haircutter of nearly 3 years after her relocation to another salon to discover she had moved to LA! It took me a long time to find someone who actually knew how to cut curly hair, and I wasn't up for the long process of rediscovery. So this is me breathing a huge sigh of relief that I found someone great on my first try. I highly recommend Heather at Space 07 Salon. Silly name, very cool place. My crafty nature really liked the huge old doors they had attached mirrors to for each haircutting station.


  1. It is cute! I loved to go to Lil' Bit Sassy when I was in Davis. Silly name, but great stylists. I don't have curly hair (anymore), but they did such a great job with my super thick, wavy-ish hair every time!

  2. your haircut is cute!

    hurray for a great stylist. I need to find one of those and I hate the trial and error process of finding one. Ick.

  3. Lookin' cute Sarah!! I'm ready for one myself! Something about the change of seasons that makes me want to cut my hair.

  4. Looks real cute Sarah, I love it!


  5. I bookmarked this pots when I first saw it this weekend but didn't have time to properly comment. You and your new haircut are adorable! I've always wanted curly hair (I know, I know, so much angst goes along with it from what I hear). But this shot seals the deal. It's fresh and fun - great cut!