Monday, September 3, 2007

Japanese craft books

Mike gave me an early birthday present the other day, The Cute Book!

Which reminded me of the craft book we found at a thrift store in Jamestown while visiting my sister. When Mike found it, I gave out a little gasp, and clutched it to my chest in case someone who knew the value of it would come up and say "Oh no, that's not supposed to be here". I tried to be nonchalant about it, and after pricing all the rest of the books we had (which was a sizeable amount - it was a fantastic store) at $0.50, he paused on the craft book and peered up at me. He frowned and said, "I'm afraid this one is going to be $0.75". I couldn't contain my excitement, and I blurted out "That's fine". Apparently, he had a Japanese tenant who was behind on her rent, so she gave him all of her books, including some other books we got, including an architectural quilt book (which I can't seem to lay my hands on at the moment) and others. Here are some pics of the $0.75 craft book...


  1. I'm always a belated happy birthday wisher, so I'm so happy to be able to say, "Happy Birthday" on time!

  2. When's the big bday?! Mine is this Friday! I'll be - gasp - 30!!! Email me with the date! I'm loving the pdot type picture and those crafty books of deliciousness!

  3. Oh! what a lovely gift... how lucky you are! h bday!