Monday, September 3, 2007

Fabric plans

This year, I'm going to be ready for Christmas. I won't be stressed and sewing into the wee hours of the night on Christmas Eve Eve. And if buying fabric gets me ready, then darn it, I'll do it.

A quilt for Ali... And a quilt for Devin...

All from Sew Mama Sew and Reprodepot. Here's some bits and pieces for Ali and Devin's quilts from Hancocks of Puducah...

And this fabric and trim (plus the other little treasures she included) from good-ness I just couldn't say no to, but which very possibly may become some kind of Christmas gift(s).


  1. oh wow all that fabric looks great !!
    i have just cut into the gorgeous fabric you sent me in the cupcake swap .... to make a little apron :0)

    Sara x

  2. Good luck Sarah! I'm always doing things at the last minute too. Hope this helps you get ready early this year!

    Laura Lynn

  3. drooling over all that fabric! love the handmade gift idea - we're trying to incorporate more of that, too.

  4. Love your fabrics -- lots of fun sewing in your future. About this time of year, I always say I'll be ready this year. Somehow it never works, no matter how prepared I am. If I get things done early, I just have more time to think up more things to make. ;-) Good luck with your goal!

  5. I love your fabric plans! Sometimes I wonder if planning isn't the best part?

  6. wow. you've got so much great fabric there. happy sewing!