Tuesday, August 28, 2007

V, W, X, Y, Z

V is for... very lucky to have seen these guys grow from this...

To this!

They look so different, so grown up! Well, Devin still makes goofy faces, and if Mike is any indication of the future, he always will. And they've even gotten older since then... I can't believe Ali is going to be starting 5th grade and Devin 2nd tomorrow...

W is for... WhipUp's long list of wonderful tutorials.

X is for... cross stitch. I used to do a lot of cross stitch during the summers for entries into the county fair. I'm really liking the new cross stitching I've been seeing.

Y is for... yard sales, of course! I love them, and I love Mike, Ali and Devin even more for loving them as well, because dragging them from sale to sale just wouldn't be as much fun.

Z is for... zippers. Here's a great article on how to put in zippers.

Ya-hoo! I'm done! And now you know my A B C's...


  1. Congratulations on finishing! It was so fun to get to know you even better.

  2. Wow - you made it through the entire alphabet in the time that I was without internet access. I loved finding out more about you - seeing your sewing nook, reading more about your husband, hearing about your upcoming vacation (nice!), reading the fingertip story... you compiled a great list here. And I'm happy to be back on the Sarah P. Dot blog wagon!