Saturday, August 18, 2007

L is for...

Lots and lots of great books! Mike and I raided my grandma's book stash (she used to own a book store) and look what we came home with...

Ok, so I know I went a little overboard with the pics, but they're so great, I'd show you each and every one of them if I could! And I did say lots and lots... Most of these are destined to turn into something like these at the hands of Mike and the newly repaired old Singer.

Thanks Gamoo!


  1. I think you should read a few! I'm curious about the stories that would be inside such great covers!

  2. L is for loving your alphabet meme posts....keep it up!!

  3. Wow - the titles and the pictures on the covers - make oyu want to know just what is in them!! I can imagine but then that's just my imagination!

  4. Ok, some of those titles are a scream!