Saturday, August 18, 2007

J is for...

Yay internet!! We're all reconnected after a 5 minute house call. Apparently sometimes they randomly disconnect people to make sure they're supposed to have internet. They figure that the actual customers will call and get it reconnected. Nice, huh?

Mary Ann suggested that I use my last post about Jane's Apron as my "J" which was a really good idea because these ABC's are getting pretty hard, but Mike reminded me of a rather important "J" by getting me a new toy! Here's my Janome with its brand spankin' new extension table...

Do I have the coolest boyfriend, or what?

When I thought my old Singer was broken I researched a lot of different machines. For the money I was willing to spend at the time, this Janome was (and still is) perfect. It does all the things I need it to, has a buttonhole foot (SO nice) and a needle threader (SO SO nice). And now it has this awesome table top which is going to make my ambitious Christmas present plans a bit easier, hopefully.


  1. I have a janome too and love it! The needle threader is awesome. I love your extension table! I think I might need one of those... :)

  2. good for you! a nice machine does wonders. here's to many happy hours of sewing.