Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day!

It's Blog Day. It's a day to celebrate our blogging community, and possibly discover some new blogs. In the spirit of new discoveries, I am listing 5 non-crafty blogs that I read and enjoy.

101 Cookbooks. This was the first blog I started reading, before I knew what blogs were. Heidi has fantastic recipes and delicious photos. She has also put out a cookbook that is definitely on my wish list.

Young and Broke. Very possibly the second blog I ever read. After reading Heidi's blog, I came across personal finance blogs that were really helpful for getting me out of my post-college-poor-money-choice phase, and planning for the future. Amanda has an approachable voice, very good advice and a helpful list of other personal finance blogs.

Unclutterer. Helpful and often humorous tips for cleaning up, organizing and making your environment more livable.

Dinner Daily. What's for dinner tonight? This is the daily dreaded question. This blog aims to prevent the hasty decision-making and (daily) quick trips to the store. Every weekend Jorth posts a list of the week's meals with a shopping list and kitchen staples. Then she posts the yummy and healthy recipes, like today's recipe Chilli Polenta Chips with green salad.

Sacatomato. For all the Sacramento locals! Great reviews of restaurants and food events in the area.


  1. Cool - blog day! Thanks for the links. I always am interested in finding good non-craqfting blogs, too.

  2. So very cool Sarah, thanks! I bookmarked the Unclutter Blog :) It's a constant battle for me... I'm SO much better than I was, but I just can't let my guard down or back it comes LOL!