Thursday, August 9, 2007

H is for...

Hampton House, the house I lived in when I studied abroad at the University of Bristol in college.

It was an old homeopathic hospital turned student housing. They hadn't changed much about the building before they moved students in, so my room had traction pulleys on the ceiling and I had friends in both the nurses' station, with a fireplace and bay window, and the pharmacy, with a wall of drawers still stocked with test tubes and poison labels. You can see my room in the picture of the back yard, or The Grounds as I used to call them, trying my best to fit into a Jane Austin story. See the left-most triangle on the top floor (what do you call that?)? My bedroom was half the big window and the small window to the left. The house was on top of a hill in Bristol, so my windows afforded a pretty great view for an anglophile American student like me. The fountain was still there, but the little cherub was reduced to a mere foot on a rock.

Looking at these pictures brings back memories of watching my friends play badminton by the fountain, and inflating a huge kiddie pool in the side yard and filling it with warm tap water from a hose stuck on the kitchen faucet, because summer in England was still a bit brisk. I must say, that was one of the best years of my life. I felt so at home there, and cannot wait to return. While I was looking for pics of the place online, I discovered that it is now a hospital again. That makes me a bit sad.


  1. Gosh I just love that old style architecture, how fabulous to have such a lovely experience...lucky girl

  2. What a beautiful place. Its wonderful to have so many lovely memories of a time and place where you experienced so much joy.