Tuesday, August 7, 2007

C is for...

Curls. I’ve got em. Loads of them. Thanks Dad.

My hair was a struggle for most of my childhood. For years I wanted straight hair, while every woman I came across would say "Do you know how much women pay to get hair like yours?". I had many nicknames ranging from Q-tip to Puff the Magic Sarah. Kids would throw things into my hair to see if it would stick and I would have to endure Ramona Quimby-esque boing-fests. I had dentist office dread associated with hair salons due to my share of horrific haircuts. My hairstyles ranged from a Peter Pan do to afro to librarian bun to bowl/mushroom cut to hippy long hair with center part. Finally I found someone to cut my hair that actually knew what to do with my unruly ringlets, and now I don't wish for straight hair.

C is also for curtains, which I will be making for my sister's new house! Which she totally needs... I'm still exhausted from sleeping in a room with two walls of windows with no curtains (but we did manage to take advantage of the early rising with some successful yard sale shopping!). I have the very lucky job of helping to pick out fabric, purchasing said fabric and making some lovely roman shades and curtains. Here's what we've decided on...

For the livingroom (from here)...

For the master bedroom (again from here)...

For a little girl's room (from here)...

And for one of the bathrooms possibly (again from here)...

I've found some helpful links for making the roman shades. One site has pretty thorough directions and sells the hardware as well, and another allows you to put in the window measurements and creates a pattern for you. Has anyone made roman shades before? Are they as easy as they look?


  1. from another curly girl: i have a very vivid memory of sitting in 7th grade science class and the boy next to me throwing pencils in my hair - where they would stick. The best part is that the whole class, even the teacher, was mesmorized.

    that was in the triangle/mushroom/bob phase.

  2. Love the fabric selections!

    I was the little girl with stick straight hair that always wanted curly...I guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

  3. I used to have curly hair - then I had kids - it's gone and now I miss it. I never though I would say that!

    Love the fabrics, but I don't have any experience with roman shades. I've heard they are fairly easy.

  4. Your Father says "your welcome", he likes your curles, "no charge".


  5. I've made roman shades a couple times. They are not difficult, but time consuming. Mine were rather involved with lining and dowel rods at each fold. Depending on your fabric, this stuff isn't really necessary. You'll have no problem with it, I'm sure!

  6. I recently bought some of those same fabrics - not sure what I'm going to use them for, but I liked the colors.