Friday, August 3, 2007

B is for...

Behind! Already! How did that happen?

Oh well, my real B is Busters, as in Mythbusters! Mike and I are going to see Jaime and Adam of Mythbusters at the Mondavi Center in November. We (Ali and Devin included) love that show. We don't have cable because it's just too expensive and we'd rather spend our money on other things (like what P will be for...), so whenever we go to our parents' houses and get a chance to watch it, that's what we look for. That and the Food Network. I can watch that channel all day (and have... several times) . But the odd thing about Mythbusters is that as infrequently as we do see it, whenever we happen upon it, it's one we've already seen. Besides our Discovery and Food Channel binges, we never regret not having cable, and are perfectly content with our bunny ears and Netflix subscription.

And isn't that an awesome bird magnet? I got it from Claire of Little Lovelies Handmade at the last Handmade Parade. She just added some completely adorable frames to her etsy shop. I can't wait for the next Handmade Parade on October 13!


  1. Ryan will be so jealous! He love, love, loves Mythbusters! Have fun!