Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Panic and perusing

Ack! I got an email from Sew Mama Sew asking me to make sure they got my name right for their judges in the Bag Month Contest, and jeez, there are some nice bags in the running. So much better than my silly tote, I'm a little embarrassed. It's not that I thought it was anything special, the contest just happened to be going on when I was working on a bag, so I thought, what the heck.

So distract myself from feeling foolish, here are some fun things to check out...

I just saw these awesome ellips shelves on Curbly, and they include measurements... oh Mi-ike...

Amanda at every little thing posted about a hilarious Church Sign Generator.

I adore (and very possibly might steal) Kelli's idea for map cards.

Who doesn't need a Diabolical Hot Dog tee?

I've started thinking about Christmas gift ideas, and came across this post, and was wondering if anyone knew of a good pattern for this for a beginning knitter.

Amy of Happy Things created this gorgeous quilt, and even included a tutorial.

I'm thinking of getting myself a Sigg bottle, maybe this one.

The Handmade Parade has set a date for the fall fair, so mark your calendars and make sure you're at the Coffee Garden in Sacramento on October 13.

And we're going to the Berkeley Kite Festival on Saturday. We went several years ago and had a really great time. They had huge kites the size of cars and kites that rivaled the Blue Angels. We even got to make kites of our own. It's free (but you pay to park), and if anyone is in the area, I definitely recommend checking it out.

And here's the original picture I cropped to enter my tote in the contest, just so you see how silly it really is...


  1. I thought the Church Sign generator was especially funny :)

  2. Frankly, there's nothing better than sewing by the sweet soothing sounds of the acordion.

  3. Hey Sarah, if you would like to know how I made mine, I used 8ply cotton yarn and 4 ply needles (I'm sorry if you need imperial, I don't know the conversions, but there are lots of online conversions that will tell you), cast on 39 stitches and knit in moss/seed stitch until it was square. That is knit one, purl one. Easy. Or, for easier, you can just do them in garter stitch (knit every row).

  4. I've got a couple good patterns for dishcloths that I will e-mail to you. One of them is probably the same basic pattern as the link you shared. They are the best dishcloths ever and they make a great gift - you can never have too many!!

  5. Genius idea, that accordion pose (or button box as they're called in my family of many players) was! Perfect mirror for the detail on your bag.

  6. your tote is definitely not silly. it's very cute. and thanks for all those other great blogging leads. i love the map cards, too! and that little quilt.

  7. I like your tote best!

    Hope the judges do too.


  8. your tote bag is very pretty !!
    just wanted to say theres a little something on its way ... sorry its taken so long and i hope you like it
    p.s. Kitty ate the fudge .. all of it the stuff we bought for her teachers too :0(

  9. 1) Your bag is adorable! I haven't looked at the competition, but I bet it fits right in. I'd give it a vote!

    2) I MUST have those shelves. Thanks for sharing the link. Uh, I don't suppose Mike would be willing to make some for a total stranger? I'm a really nice total stranger, if that makes a difference. ;)

    3) Oh, my goodness, I love the diabolical hot dog -- He's wearing an EYE PATCH, how cute is that?!

    4) Great post full of great links. Two thumbs and a pinky up!

  10. thanks for the fun links! Love the quilt.

    your bag looks great.