Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Kite Festival

We had such a great time at the Kite Festival! Ali and Devin got to make and fly their own kites among a ton of other great kites. Like the last time we went, there was an Octopile, but with some additions including a white flame octopus. The Japanese kites were my favorite. They were huge, bed-sized flat kites and when they were wrangled into the air, they had this Monty Python-ish band with a whistle, a couple trumpets and drums that kept time. There was a main stage where kite fliers would do dances and such with their kites to music. The most impressive was Ray Bethell, a man who did a choreographed routine to music with 3 kites all by himself! He had one kite in each hand and one connected to his belt. I was totally blown away with his skills. At the end he turned around and faced the crowd, and the announcer told us all to wave because he is deaf! I was floored, the kites had been moving perfectly with the music! Ali and Devin's favorite parts of the day were the candy drop and finding a sluggish puffer fish kite to get bowled over by.
On our way out, I jokingly asked Ali and Devin if they wanted to go to the fabric store, and to my great surprise (Mike's as well) they replied with an excited "Yes!". Wow, those kids are keepers. So here's what I picked out at Stone Mountain Daughters, with the help of my favorite people (see top pic).

Mike had to cajole one of the women who worked there into giving him the owl remnant, the last in the store! The roll at the top right is thermal knit with peaches. I'm going to use the yarn to try my hand at some wash cloths (thanks Megan and Roxanne!).


  1. Wow! That kite festival looks like fun!

  2. congratulations on your bag winner at sewmamasew...it's really really cute:)

  3. First of all, BIG congrats on the Sew Mama Sew placing! WOW! Second, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all that thrifted fabric! Third, I think it's time you sewed up a kite:)

  4. That picture of the puffer fish kite almost made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. It's so funny!

  5. That puffer fish kite is brilliant! I used to love flying my kite - haven't done it in a while.

    And congrats on your great bag win!

  6. How much fun to go to a kite festival? Have you read "the kite runner" yet?

    Yes, you have a keeper in those kids + mike!

    Congrats on your tote! It's beautiful :)