Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thrift find of the century

I will never again find anything as good as this...

On our way out of the SPCA thrift store, which we went into on a whim after we discovered that their drop-off was closed, much to the dismay of Mike's very full trunk, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. They were about to close and trying to shoo us out, so I quickly investigated and found these...

That's a quilted skirt on the right! Look at the wonderfully random squares of fabric!

I was surprised to find a tag in it, as I was fully expecting this to be handmade. Check out the grosgrain ribbon waistband as well...

The dress on the left of the top picture was handmade, looking to be a sheet or table cloth merely sewn together at the sides with a hole at the top for your head. Very 70's. Absolutely wonderful. And did I mention that the thrift store was having a sale and I got both of these for 50% off? Afterwards Mike and I went and had sushi, and I didn't want to part with the skirts and nearly brought them in with me so that I could continue looking at them. But, luckily I resisted and we had a very tasty dinner.

Speaking of good deals, Mike's coworker was selling a violin for $20, so he bought it for a certain someone who's been talking about wanting to play violin since before he could really pronounce it properly...

And he's been so adorably excited about "playing" it! I love it!


  1. what a cool find? any plans for it?

  2. What great fabrics! I found you through kirsten and I noticed from your profile that you live in Davis - we just moved from there last year (DH graduated) and we are so so missing it!

    I found a quilt top recently that has similar fabrics - take a look at

  3. Yup, Kirsten, I'm going to take the waistband off and turn it into a quilt. And carry it around with me everywhere I go. It'll be my blankie.

    Cool Jessi! Where did you end up? I LOVE your find as well! That is like Thrifting Eureka.