Friday, June 22, 2007

small elements of my home...

...that I do not detest and that I have photographed so as to eliminate all traces of dirt and detritus.

This is a quote from Ali of domesticali, that I thought was apt for my home. I often see Corners of My Home posts in blogland, and I always end up feeling desirous to have similar corners in my home, but my corners are less vignette-y and more clutter-y, and thus not particularly photogenic. But Ali's description, now that's something I could get on board with. So here are my elements, after some sprucing up...

The painting Mike made for me and the thrifted lily pad lamp I love, upon which a cow and pickle pin are lounging.

The shadow boxes filled with sand and shells (and metal) from various beaches and photos from our trip to DC.

My grandmother's photographs, as she mounted them for the county fair (in spray painted frames I got at Ikea).

The bookshelf next to my bed, with my craft/sewing books (including those from the library), important travel books, and my lame digital clock with an origami boat made for me by Ali sitting on top. (Oops! Looks like I didn't "spruce" enough, look at the dust on that picture frame!)

Anyone else want to share their small elements?


  1. Glad it's not just me! Love your Grandmother's photos.

  2. Recenly a some small spots of my home have made it into a few of my posts, but they usually are in the background of the main subject of my photo. I do get some much delight our of seeing other's places, and I like it best when those places looked loved and lived in, not like showroom sets. Thanks for inviting us in!

  3. Sarah I loved being invited in to see some of your home! It's lovely!! LOVE the shadowbox display!!