Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh yeah! San Francisco

I have the cowboy quilt top all put together, and it looks great! Pics will follow soon, but every surface is covered with magazine cuttings at the moment - Ali and Devin are in full-on crafty/collage mode.

But, I won't leave you empty handed, picture-wise. I totally forgot to tell you about our marvelous trip to San Francisco!

We started out with an early breakfast at Home Plate, where every breakfast comes with a homemade scone, and the specials menu fills an entire large white board. (Can you see my Small Object shirt?)

We left full, happy and caffeinated, off to the Legion of Honor.

This one makes me think of a quilt...

And to make my Dad jealous...

After a couple hours meandering through there, we headed off for some lunch at Osha Thai, which is quick and always yummy (or at least it has been the 2 times we've been there).

After lunch we hopped over to Kinokuniya Bookstore. I'll post pics of the craft books I got later as well (I know... promises, promises). But I do have pics of some great graffiti between the bookstore and our car...

And my favorite, the garbage lady...

We then headed to the de Young museum which we got into free with our admission to the Legion of Honor.

Mike broke the rules...

And we took some cheesy pictures.

After that... the whole reason for our trip to SF... Daiso!

I wanted to get a couple things for my cupcake swap partner, and I had promised Carrie that the next time I went there I'd send her a package of goodies.

Ahh... looking at these pics makes me want to go back. It was a good day.


  1. Fabulous photos, Sarah - I love the garbage lady, and the silly do not touch picture. Sounds like a wonderful visit, although how can a day in San Francisco be anything but wonderful?

  2. hiya my girls want me to wait till were in cornwall to send your flower ... something to do with cornish fudge i think !! hope thats ok ??
    thanks for the advice on the cupcake papers :0)

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  4. wow that sounds like a fabulos trip san fran is one of the only places in the world I really want to go to, love the cheesy pics we always do those too.