Friday, June 29, 2007

How great is Mary Ann...

Pretty darn great. Look what she sent me out of the blue...

I'll help you clean your crafty area any time, Mary Ann! Check out the card she sent in the lower right-hand corner, holding a note with handwriting that would be a handwriting model if there was such a thing. And can you see the title of the song up there? It's that old ditty, Tramp, Tramp, Tramp. A classic.
This package beat the package I was preparing for her in thanks for her Thank You package (what manners! a thank you note! how great is that, you ask? pretty darn great) for my swap package. Still with me? It doesn't matter, basically Mary Ann is great (pretty darn great) and I am a slacker. A slacker who will very soon be getting her butt in gear and sending some well deserved loveliness off to Ohio...
In the mean time, go get some random crafty supplies for yourself at her shop!


  1. Shucks. You make a girl feel all special and stuff. *blush*

  2. Mary Ann is the best!! Hands down.

  3. Please tell me where you got those hankies that you sent to "you're only bored when..." They are so adorable I'm dying here!