Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

With the father of the house happily asleep and plans for said father soon to be executed, I have a little time to tell you about what I've been up to.

First off, can you believe school is out already? I feel like we just started. But summer is here (as evidenced with the scorching 100 degree weather around here lately). Ali and Devin have a summer filled with swim lessons to keep themselves cool.

So we started summer vacation out with a trip to the u-pick-it berry farm. The whole time I kept thinking, "why haven't we done this yet?". They had all kinds of berries including boysenberries, blackberries (my fav), marion berries, ollalie berries, chuckle berries, raspberries and yellow raspberries. They also had gorgeous peach trees and heavily weighted down apricot trees. But did I bring my camera to show you all the lovely bounty? Nope. But we did get pics of what we brought home. You know, the ones we didn't eat.

And the strawberries we picked up on the way home.

Most of the strawberries got chopped up for future smoothies, but some will be going into the Father's Day breakfast Ali and Devin will be making for their dad.

I also put together a first try on the grocery totes. I wanted to make sure that the ones I'm making for my friend work out well, so I used my fabric for the tester. And I'm glad I did, look how huge it ended up (see the six-year-old for scale, he can almost fit in there).

Well I hope all you fathers out there have a very happy day, including mine! Happy Father's Day Dad!


  1. I'm sure breakfast was grand!!!! Berry, berry grand!

  2. Your grocery tote looks fabulous :)

  3. Wow! I have never seen a yellow raspberry before. Do they taste the same?

  4. It was indeed, Vallen! Thanks Felicia, it's a work in progress.

    Alice, I had never seen the yellow raspberries before either. They are pretty much the same, but maybe a little buttery.