Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stocking up

I went to Hancock's in Vacaville to get some fabric for my cupcake swap, and was delighted to see that they were having a huge store closing sale. Ok, so it's not so delightful that the store is closing, but I'm a sucker for a sale. Especially one as good as this one.

All fabric was 1/2 off...

So was ribbon...

And zippers were 70% off!

Ok, so I may have gone a little crazy, but when else are you going to find zippers for $0.50??

I believe the woman cutting my fabric said that they were closing the doors on June 16th (or thereabouts), so you local crafters go check it out before it's over!


  1. Damn sales. Such a love/hate relationship!

  2. oh. I love stocking up on things...especially on such a great sale! don't have a hancocks here, but it is probably a great thing.

    are you going to make zipper pouches? (love them...)

  3. Sarah I feel your pain! The JoAnn Fabric that was just 5 minutes away from me just closed too.... and it was one of their better performing stores! But JoAnn's is closing ALL of their "non superstore" stores as each of their leases expires....sigh....

  4. Actually, you CAN find zippers for even cheaper than that at
    I buy from them all the time! I am going to get their color card with my next order so I can really get serious with my color choices!