Monday, May 7, 2007

My Parade Treasures

Claire and Missy put together these wonderful goodie bags for all us crafters. The nametags were multi-functional, being both lovely and handy for helping me remember everyone's names.

And where my profit went...

Hilarious card, bracelet and pack of crafty coupons from Jenn of Rosebud Design (thanks for the pic of my memo books on your site!).

Wonderful trinkets from Vallen of Queenly Things.

Lil' Cowpoke pin from Shonda of Ignition, and yummy mimosa lip balm that somehow didn't make it into the picture. Probably because it's already at the bottom of my purse.

My purchases from Claire and Missy who shared a table.

Buttons from the wonderfully cheerful Christina (thanks Amy!) as well as some magnets. Apparently she doesn't have an online shop yet, but someone let me know if she starts one, her buttons were awesome!

Super cute and green owl earrings from Amy of Peptogirl.

And something to use at my next craft fair: an obi utility belt from Bethany of Bitter Betty!

I also got something from Melissa of Holiday Queen, but I can't show it off quite yet...

And you must check out Carolyn's delicious Earl Gray Cookies, pictured below with her homemade biscotti.

Thank you so much Claire and Missy for organizing such a wonderful show! I can't believe how lucky I am to have had Handmade Parade as my introduction to the world of craft shows. And to have gotten the opportunity to meet such lovely women.

And luckiest of all to have a fabulous boyfriend who designed my cards, sale tags, helped me organize my table, made magnets while I was sewing, brought me lunch and basically kept me sane. Thank you so much Mike!


  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely time Sarah :)

  2. Yay! Those are the earrings I made! Lime green owls! I'm glad you like them =)

    I'm wearing one of my headbands right now!

  3. Oh yeah - Christina did the buttons ;)

  4. So what I see you saying is that you spent your profit? HA! I always do that...but it's so hard to resist!

  5. Whoa! You made out like a bandit! Seriously great finds - thanks for all of the links.

  6. It was such a fun day! I am glad that you had a great time. Funny how the things we think are gonna sell like hotcakes never do, but then other things go like crazy!