Monday, May 7, 2007

More thanks

When I was getting ready for the Handmade Parade, I was worried that I hadn't made enough pencil rolls. I was sure they would sell like hotcakes. But alas, not one left my table on Saturday. I put a couple on etsy to see if anyone would bite, and nearly immediately both were gone. Apparently Melissa of Under Construction had some buyers remorse (about what she didn't buy, not what she did) and bought both the pencil rolls!

When I met her at HP, I didn't realize that she had a crafty blog as well, especially one that I had read before. She has a wonderful project going on with Zip Quilt Kits that I wish I had known about before so that I could get in on. She's very creative with refashioning things, and her stenciling is impressive.
Thank you Melissa!


  1. those pencil rolls are super!

  2. I love my pencil rolls! So glad I was able to snap them up. :)

  3. Thanks everyone! They're really fun to make.

    Enjoy, Melissa! It was lovely meeting you!