Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lapices tipo golf

One more project before Saturday? Sure, why not...

I've had good mail days lately. Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts sent me some "S" dictionary pages and included three handmade fabric cards! Thank you!

I got my wonderful pendant from Angelecca Originals (I think I have a thing for pendants), and I love it! I wore it to work today, and I got a ton of positive comments. Either that or people would stare at my neck.

And my purchase came with a free gift, which is an awesome matching magnet!

I'm totally in love with this collection of magnets. Hilarious!


  1. you are welcome! can't wait to see what you do with your S pages.

    love the necklace, too! how fun.

  2. oops, that last comment was from
    (I am having technical difficulties today...)

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  4. Mail love! That pendant is gorgeous. Looking forward to the "S" project...