Thursday, May 10, 2007

Framed Earring Holder

Inspired by this post I came across on Craftzine, I found a cheesy frame at a thrift store, and saved a bag that held some kind of food to make one of my own. The pieces have been sitting on my dresser for over a month now, and I finally had the time to put it all together last night.

The paper in the background is from a Sulu-Design package. The contents of that package are on there too.

I have another sheet of her wrapping paper, so when I need more room I can make another. Or use the paper I get from the future order that would necessitate more earring room.


  1. Cool idea! Earring organization is always problematic for me. Funny... before I read your text, I was checking out the photo and thought, "There's something familiar about this." What a great way to recycle that paper.

  2. It's working pretty good. It keeps my earrings from getting tangled in a little ball in my jewelry box, and I get to display them! My mom is collecting the pieces to make one from the paper you sent with her order.

  3. Meus parabens, o seu trabalho é muito lindo.

  4. This is such a clever idea, may try something for like this for my stalls.